Metal ID Tags

In addition to custom metal pressing, CRP Industries provides a variety of metal ID tags. For the past 10 years CRP has supplied five types of tags to various industries throughout Australia. These include galvanizing, fabrication, powder coating and manufacturing businesses.

Tags can be used for a wide range of purposes that need some form of organisation and identification. For example, they can identify customers’ work by stamping or writing on the customer code or job number. We have 8 different colours to choose from, perfect for allowing various industries to identify and organise which day their customer’s work has come into the yard. This makes it easier to determine when the work should be done. The stamped tags can be used to identify any work that needs to be outsourced or as a simple marketing tool for your product.

Metal ID tags are incredibly thin, measuring in at 0.24mm thickness, making them very easy to stamp. They’re hard-wearing and are guaranteed to withstand many processes. They are fitted to the steel with a galvanized tie wire, which is pre-cut and supplied in straight lengths of – 300mm, 400mm, & 500mm.

Metal ID Tags Specifications:

  • 72mm Diameter Round
  • 92 x 62mm Rectangle
  • 70mm Triangle, Diamond or Pentagon
  • 300mm, 400mm or 500mm Tie wires

All products can be purchased in plain or coloured.

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